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Emily's Paper Flowers

I had trouble getting the wires I needed for the stems (I had ordered them from Amazon in September but they still haven't shipped!) so I started out wth getting the templates ready and cutting out as many leaves and petals as I could. The dogwood leaves and petals are below...

Everything is ready to go...

When I finally made it to a craft store and bought some 18 gauge wires I got going on the dahlia...

I had a day off from work, so I watched a few episodes of Call the Midwife on Netflix and really got down to business, finished the rose and a few dogwood stems. I haven't collected any natural branches to incorporate so far, but I do want to try it. When I was putting the rose together I didn't pay attention to the different color of the double-sided paper (it was really close, watermelon on one side and watermelon ice on the other) so the color varies on the petals.

Then I arranged everything in an egg basket, to keep them safe until I work on the final arrangement.

This whole project is so much fun! I've tried some written instructions before and the videos are SO helpful. Actually seeing Brittany put everything together really makes it come together. 

I tried making a few more roses with some of the thinner crepe paper and I also made some of the "filler" leaf sprays. Then I made a small arrangement for our dining room table.  I really love the color of the roses, I think it was called sangria. 


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