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Emily Henderson For President

I picked this picture for my homework because I love everything about it. 

SHAPE occurs in the beautiful structure of the wingback chair and the unique hourglass form of the sidetable.

PATTERN appears in the rug. 

COLOR appears in the rich navy and fun yellow tones. I love this combination. 

TEXTURE occurs in the velvet fabric. 

BOTANICALS appeai on the dresser,also contributing to the texture. 

NEEDS are met with the chair, a blanket, a place to rest your feet, and a table to rest your drinks. bug dresser also proves lots of storage.

PATTERN occurs in the rug and art.

BLING is brought in with the floor lamp and dresser accessories. 

PLACEMENT demonstrates that the space is practical and inviting. The blanket on the chair suggests that someone actually uses the space. The books are practically left open and add more interest.

My husband and I are both in law school at University of Mississippi (ole miss). We are finishing our second year. We bought this house before  we started school, and it has evolved over time. What I am most proud of is what I've been able to do on a small, small budget. I am proud that I've used the items that were either gifted or thrifted to achieve my desired look. My ultimate inspiration is everything Emily Henderson from HGTVs Design Star. I love everything she does. 

I feel pretty confident that I finally have most of the big pieces aka furniture. However, now I need help buying the right accessories without making it feel cluttered or off scale. In my living room and dining area, I am stumped by the white ceramic tiles. What you are seeing is the living room and the area behind the couch partion is our dining area. I hate them tiles, but at this point they are staying because we're going to sell the house next year. I am concerned that my living room rug is not big enough for the room. You cant really tell from this pic, but if the whole room is shown it seems too small. The less tile I see, the happier I am. I am considering moving that rug into my bedroom and getting a funkier, bigger rug here. 

Also, I am conflicted about the dark gray color of the rooms. Painting here was the first decision we made-24hrs after moving in. I later bought the gray couch, and now I want to repaint. Most of my house is blue. Any color suggestions would be welCome! The gray is too gloomy, isn't it? . Please do tell! Ultimately, the space needs color brought in. I know that I need different pillows tn the couch, but i am cheap and picky. I am looking for texture and Patterns.

My husband just finished building the coffee table. It is a marble slab that my mom rescued from out church after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. We added hairpin legs to it, and we plan to box the trim in so it looks more refined. We also designed and built the industrial bookshelves which are in our bonus room. I am almost happy with the styling result, but I want to put a different piece of art in the larger display area.

please critique me!! I would love any suggestions on improving my space because sometimes I put myself in a box. Also, how do i rotate my pics? they are saved to my camera roll correctly, so i dont know why they are doing that when they upload. sorry!! Thanks!


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