Emi Pet Salon & Boutique

Emi Pet Salon & Boutique - student project

I decided to do Emi Pet, a luxury pet grooming salon and boutique. They currently do not have a logo.

Emi Pet is an upscale pet grooming salon and boutique. They are located in New Albany, Ohio. It's a master-planed, Georgian-style city which is 20 minutes away from downtown Columbus. The average household income is $150,000. Most of our target customers live within 2 miles from our salon. Their goal is to help both cats and dogs owners to maintain happy, attractive and healthy pets by providing them with high-quality grooming services, top-grade pet supplies and professional caring advices. They focus on the overall beauty, wellness and happiness of pets. The products they use and sell are all-natural and holistic.

target audience: 

  1. Age:  30-60
  2. Gender:  male or female
  3. Income:  100,000 and up
  4. Education: college educated
  5. Locale: suburban 

Emi Pet Salon & Boutique - image 1 - student project

I really like modern/luxury/royal feeling type.

Emi Pet Salon & Boutique - image 2 - student project

all palettes are from colourlovers.com

I'm pretty set on a monochromtic logo, most likely black. The other color palettes was interesting at first but i dont think they say upscale or luxury.

Emi Pet Salon & Boutique - image 3 - student project

Emi Pet Salon & Boutique - image 4 - student project

Really leaning toward logo centered overtop the name like Kim Oberin.