Emerging Metropolitan Leaders (EML)

Emerging Metropolitan Leaders (EML) - student project


Emerging Metropolitan Leaders is a team of non-profit, private, and public sector people who are building a more connected, vibrant, and innovative Portland Metropolitan area through networking events and having discourse on relevant local and national issues.  Having a web presence is essential for the continued growth of this newly formed networking and professional development group in Portland, Oregon.  

To build relationships and networks between emerging leaders that promote professional growth and results in a more connected, vibrant, and innovative Portland Metropolitan Area.

The current constraints in private and public resources present opportunities for innovation to meet Metropolitan challenges that span jurisdictions, institutions, communities, and expertise.

Emerging Metropolitan Leaders aims to engage emerging private, public, and non-profit
leaders by providing networking opportunities; forums for discourse; and salons to engage with practitioners and educators. The purpose of EML’s activities is two-fold: to promote individual professional growth and to encourage collaboration across sectors.

Emerging Metropolitan Leaders is an apolitical organization that promotes discourse, learning, and education that encourages innovation, free-thinking, and practical solutions to metropolitan challenges.