"Emergency Essentials" Hotel Package

"Emergency Essentials" Hotel Package - student project

Hey everyone!

Very excited to be taking this class, packaging design has always intrigued/inspired me. I can't wait to get into this!


A care package filled with the basics that one might forget. I know I always forget something on trips, and I'm usually mildly unimpressed by the quality and packaging for the common toiletries that are provided in hotels. To ensure that it is used by a wide range of people, the products will be all natural/organic. These basics might change based on what I have time to design, but my initial thoughts are that this package will include:

• toothpaste
• toothbrushes
• body soap
• mouthwash
• shampoo
• chocolate (I'm half joking here, half not. Because chocolate should be included in any emergency. ;) )


• facial wash
• lip balm
• deoderant
• conditioner
• moisturizor 

A lot to cover, so like I said, this list will likely be narrowed down, but I'm interested in what specifics people think should be included.

The image that inspired the "package" idea: (random, I know!)

"Emergency Essentials" Hotel Package - image 1 - student project


I don't want the product to compete with whatever else the hotel is using already. I know that the design should be simple and clean, tying in with the idea of "just the essentials." It also shouldn't look too stuffy.

I'm thinking whites, blacks, and maybe incorperating a natural element like kraft paper to soften things and keep the entire thing from looking too sterile. Here are some images that I drew a lot of inspiration from:

"Emergency Essentials" Hotel Package - image 2 - student project

"Emergency Essentials" Hotel Package - image 3 - student project

"Emergency Essentials" Hotel Package - image 4 - student project

"Emergency Essentials" Hotel Package - image 5 - student project

"Emergency Essentials" Hotel Package - image 6 - student project

"Emergency Essentials" Hotel Package - image 7 - student project

Target Audience

Has to be gender neutral, and appeal to a wide audience.  


This is where I'm really struggling. Since the product itself doesn't have a "loud" personality, I don't think the name should be too playful. I like the one-word names. Maybe it doesn't even need to be something so literal? Thoughts and suggestions are appreciated!

• Fresh Start
• Escape
• .essential
• Recollect
• Retrospect
• Vital
• Prepd. (As in, prepared)

Thanks for your help!

Grace Hammersley

Graphic Designer