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Nicolas Brandan

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Emerge a More Knowledgeable Shopper: Computer Hardware Basics

Processors, GPUs, RAM, Memory, Storage, Resolution . . .
What does any of it mean? 

These days, just about everything is done using a computer, from banking to socializing. With how ubiquitous this technology is, its amazing how little most people know about the very devices they're using so intimately. Even those selling these devices often don't have a clue what it is they're talking about, which can be especially dangerous to consumers and their wallets!

In this class, I'll condense and explain the details of a computer, primarily focusing on the things that computer builders (such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc) compete with: the computer hardware itself.

The course is intended for anyone interested in learning the basics of how a computer operates. It is designed with the novice in mind - no prior experience with the technical side of computers is needed or expected. This class also serves as an excellent foundation for those looking to eventually tackle a professional hardware certification like the CompTIA A+.

A little about me:
I'm a recent graduate with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Information Systems, an AAS in Computer Support, an AAS in Computer Networking and lifetime CompTIA A+ and Network+ certifications. I have 5 years experience in the Information Technology field, and 8 years experience in putting together custom PCs.

Class is now live and free for the first 25 seats. Come join us!

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