Emerald Saber

Emerald Saber - student project

So, first of all I want to say that I really enjoyed the class. I rarely work with gradients so it was a great oportunity to practice with them.

I didn't save the references I used, but mostly I looked for sabers and more fancy swords (even thought about light sabers while creating the handle). I decided on doing this kind of long saber, I think of this as a sword used for very clean cuts and precise movements.

On this picture you can see a really rough sketch. I changed some details in the final drawing but overall it helped me a lot creating the concept previously.

Emerald Saber - image 1 - student project

And here is the final, I'm quite satisfied with the result. One thing that was really hard to achieve was the rounded look on the handle, and I also would like to add more of a metalic look to the blade (any tips on how to do this are very welcome :D).

I hope you like it!

Emerald Saber - image 2 - student project