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Embracing the Imperfection

I started this class 3 weeks ago. I can't remember the last time I've had so much fun...just playing. I think I could do this 24/7. Practicing & messing up has been so enjoyable. I have quickly learned that calligraphy is probably one of the worst creative venues for someone who struggles with perfectionism. So this is me embracing the imperfection of my baselines, loops & flourishes....and sharing it with all of you.

Our task was to create a one of a kind alphabet. Here is my first attempt at this process. While working, I've realized my alphebet is a fluid. Forever changing. Never the same twice. I expect that if I were to write out another one right now, it would look similar, but yet totally different.

I used the tracing paper that Molly suggests quite a bit at first, but I don't love the wrinkles I end up getting after awhile. What do you practice with? I'm curious about that and the nibs you have found that worlds best for you. I've used Molly's suggestion of the Nikko G & am finding it be great, but I would like a thicker stroke on my downward motion. I keep hearing others mentioning how much they really like the Hiro 41. So I bought it, and I'm still deciding if I like as much as the Nikko G. Any thoughts?

I'm a lettering geek at heart & love to add embellishes to what I would normally illustrate. So here is my attempt at melding my old love with my new love. The problem is....I'm not used to dealing with ink that takes time to dry. Here you can see my GIANT SMEAR. I was seconds from being done & I unfortunately got in my own way. This was frustrating, but a lesson that obviously needed learning. Once I did my smear....I considered my project done. Incomplete...but done none the less.

Give a girl some colored ink & she will play ALL.DAY.LONG. I can't wait to try my white gouache & dark paper. Gotta admit...I'm a little intimidated by the process though. It seems like something only real "artists" do. I have tried the oblique pen & I'm curious what you all think of the difference between it & the strait holder? I feel like I must be using it wrong, because I can't really tell a difference between the two???

Like I said at the beginning, the hardest part is sharing the imperfect & not comparing my work to others who have been doing it a heck of a lot longer than I. I have a note on my desk that says "every artist was first an amatuer" - a great reminder for all of us beginners. I would very much appreciate any feedback & if you would like to see my progress, I'll be posting as I go over on Instagram.


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