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Erin DeGraw




Embracing Printmaking

I'm embracing printmaking this month. I'm challenging myself to using paper 3.5" by 5", using acrylic paint, and my gelliplate. I'm doing my best to set aside all the constraints and distractions and make art daily in Feb. 

Day One/Root(ed): The ocean and/or being by the water is the best place I can possibly be. It's where I'm most at home, where I feel the most myself, where I feel the most safe. I feel the most rooted with the wind and the sand and the waves. This is my interpretation of water and sand. These are the colors I find myself working in most often... sand and surf. Materials: Acrylic paint, Gelliplate, brayer, Canson Mixed Media Paper. 


Day Two: This day did NOT go well... I'm going to try again today, which is actually day four, and post my pics of all three days later. 

Day Four/Place/Music/Light:

Place: I struggled with this one. The water is my happy place, but I'm having trouble conveying it. The print here was the fourth one I worked on, and is actually only a single pull of color off my plate. That NEVER happens. The result was surprising, and something I'm going to have to play with in the future.


Music: I don't identify so much with a song or a genre when I hear this word, but with sound and stage. My husband was a recording engineer when I met him, and we spent hours talking about recording and sound and sound waves and music from the perspective of the ear, instead of the aesthetic. The first thing I thought of was sound waves and wondered if I could recreate them using masks. This is what happened. 


Light: Mountains and sunrise/sunset happened when I thought about light. This is definitely a lesson for me... abstract thinking is not my forte, and that's becoming clear as I try and interpret these prompts with paint and printmaking tools. I've got a long way to go. 


Day 5/Shadow: 

I feel like this print is most representitive of my work so far. Almost two years ago I lost someone very important to me. The loss came on the heels of other unexpected loss and affected me more deeply than I ever thought it would. This piece is indicitave of the shadow that particuar loss continues to cast over the life I live daily. 

The process used to make this effect occur is much like having a loss happen in one's life... 

There's life before (life as normal, joy and happiness and security being the most prominant thing): 


There's life following the first days of loss (darkness and death over everything with no hope in sight): 


And finally there's life after (darknes that is ever present, with glimpses of the before coming through... some more clearly than others): 


I really love how this came out! 


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