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Embrace your art challenge, by Yael *UPDATE 29/02/2016

Hi Ria, I love your classes and workshops!

First of all, I decided as restriction, that my only tools will be a micron and a brush pen. This because I'm trying to get in the pattern design bussiness and a more linear and clean way to sketch is gonna help save time and really work on shapes and also because I'm not used to sketch in that style so it will be a little scary...so it will be fun and challenging.

And to make it even more fun I'm gonna add a little and very simple piece of lettering for my own practice and pleasure.

Day 1: Roots

I chose dandelion roots to be able to draw also the dandelion which I never knew how. I don't know if I succeded by at least I did it. Your workshops always make me feel dauntless about creating.


Day 2: Places

I draw my favorite place and also the one that I feel free and powerful at. I play Flag Football so, the field.


Day 3: Music

For day 3 I went crazy and copied two album covers. I altered type.



Day 4: Light

I went silly and draw all kinds of stuff related to light...even Lightning McQueen.


Day 5: Shadow

I found it


Day 6: Comfort

I found out that when I feel most comfortable is when I get home after a long day and enjoy sitting at the sofa and eat something or have a cup of coffee while watching a movie.


Day 7: Composition

Thinking about all the things that rely on composition I came up with this composition of mine: 


Day 8: Memory

I remembered back when I was 5 when my grandpa and I stayed outside of his house just chillin' in the front tree eating mangos.


Day 9: Texture

For me texture is a sweater, I love them and I love the texture of every single one of them.


Day 10: Time

I'm always on time. I believe is a sign of respect for others. That's why whenever I look at my watch I feel like I'm already late, so I tried to draw that.


Day 11: Perspective

My sister is an architect so I'm always watching blueprints and drawings laying around the house. I remembered one building that I very poorly represent in my today's drawing. My sister would kill me if she knew this is based on something she did, 'cause of course, this one looks nothing like my sister's drawing.


Day 12: Space

Today I realized I'm taking the prompts very literal, and I kind of like it, the results are literal when sometimes that was not the point and I ended up with funny solutions so I'm sticking with it. So for space, the space.


Day 13: Open

Like a flower open to life.


Day 14: Gift

Gifts are always a surprise so I did a unopened gift box.


Day 15: Balance

I went with it came to mind when I the prompt because it made me laugh.


Day 16: Depth

I imagined the depth of the sea.


Day 17: Nurture

My brain was dry :( but I had to draw something


Day 18: Past

I couldn't help but remember this quote from "The Lion King"


Day 19: Theme

Lettering is very often my theme so...


Day 20: Depth

I can't help but think about the "Lord of the rings" movie. Like I said before, I'm being very literal.


Day 21: Dream

I daydream all the time so I felt related with the prompt.


Day 22: Fear

This is how I feel whenever I'm scared.


Day 23: Structure

In design school I learned that to make a great structure, the best shape to use is triangles, they're often used in construction so I draw a triangle structure.


Day 24: Detail

Detail has everything to do with the eyes.


Day 25: Safe

The imaginary safe box where I keep my confidence and passion for what I do every day. Away from fears and doubts.


Day 26: Magic

This is my graphic description of magic. Magic es made from hard work, that's all there is. This is my kind of magic.


Day 27: Grow

We were kids when we started this challenge. Now our creative flow is all grown up and steping up to keep growing. This is my graphic description for this.


Day 28: Bliss

I just love how this word looks in lettering.


Day 29: Leap

This is my leap from now on. Trusting my work and having entire confidence in my skills. Relying on them and letting them be my parachute. I'm sure I'm going to enjoy the view.



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