Embrace the Journey!

I had some text that I came up with from work when I was learning hand lettering.

This class gave me the motivation to scan it, trace it with the pen tool in illustrator and learn animation. Then I found a nice photo to put in the background unsplash.com (free hi-res photos) that I thought was a good scenery for my words.

I am so grateful for this class, animation has always scared me and confused me and the videos were easy to follow and learn the basics and understand how After Effects works.

As my text says, it is a journey and one that I am trying to embrace in learning (hand lettering) and animation.

 I am attaching the GIF I learned to make below.

I tried to attach the video I made that loops 3X, but couldn't get it to work.

Hope you all like the end results of my hand lettered text in motion!



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