Kirti Handa

Spiritual Life Coach



Embrace the Goddess Within

Imagine yourself in a daily grind of your life. Waking up and like a robot following each activity without a second thought. Your life is so predictable that even your children know your trigger to make you angry.

You wake up, cook, make kids ready for school and everything follows like that in a dull and "have to do" kind of energy. This is your daily routine. And it flushes out your energy each and every day leaving you drained by the weekend comes. Your plans for enjoyment drops each year as your age grow.

Let's stop our age right here...

Now imagine yourself following a few steps differently and getting more aware of your body, life, and soul.

A little change which can change your whole entity within next one month. You practice these simple to follow ideas each day and feel yourself better than before.

Your kids try to pull those triggers to make you angry but you tackle them peacefully.

How will your life be?

What will others say about the new you?

In this course you will learn:

  • One step to start your day positively {even if you didn't have peaceful sleep}.
  • Introduction to Self-Love and it's Power.
  • The importance of effective planning {even if you stay at home}.
  • 2 ideas to boost up your energy level and reboot your energy system {A totally unique idea which is channelled from the Goddess Kuan Yin}.

Introducing "Simple" yet "Powerful" changes in your daily life that can help you embrace your inner Goddess.

It will help you to be aware of your day to day activities without living your life on DEFAULT mode.

So, ENROLL NOW... And work on the given class project.


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