Embrace the Doodle: Let the Weird Out | Skillshare Projects

David Zimmerman

Doodler / Illustrator



Embrace the Doodle: Let the Weird Out

Class Description

Everyone has at least one goofy bone in their bods, so let's use it to our advantage. Prepare to see what quirky characters & silly stories lie within the blank pages . Learn how to let the lead guide you, embrace your creativity, and fill a page with a simple story!

No Experience Necessary to Enjoy this Experience. From a Greenhorn Gus to a Lead Loving Lord, All are Welcome.

Excercise your doodle!

Project #1 Description : Yo! All You need is "U"

Sometimes the blank page is your best friend, and others a scary empty beast. With the use of a few simple shapes, your doodle can get off to a strong start! In no time, you'll be filling your pages with friends and foes and monsters fa sho.


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