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Embrace Your Art Challenge: My Miniature Sketchbook - day 29

Day 1: Shine like the Stars.


Just finished the first assignment, of day 1. I have to confess I did not close my eyes to pick an item. Because I had some foam paint brushes for a while but haven't used them yet. So I decided to use them now. I also had some paint with glitters and a lot of glitter flakes. I thought that would be a nice way to start Sketchbook Magic. It was hard to write over the glitter flakes, I used a tombow brush marker for that.

I am following this class, because I really want to spend more time for creative art, just for myself. And try all kind of new things. I am a photographer and graphic recorder. I also give workshops in visual note taking. Last year I was very busy (what is off course a good thing) but I really missed the fun creative time, just for myself. So I joined skillshare to learn new cool things and to just have fun, without a deadline or client involved ;-).

By the way, in the class project it says that we have to answering one reflective question every day. Is that a reflective question of our own or are they mentioned somewhere??

Kind regards,



Day 2: Relationship Status.

I have made the magic bowl. What a great idea! I have a really beautiful little pot from Morocco and have this made my magic bowl. Added a lot of extra ideas beside the ones from Ria.


And I took out the label with 'what makes me laugh'. 

I immediately thought about a text I saw a few days ago. I had to laugh so hard about it ;-).


I love handlettering, but my own handwriting is always very sloppy. So it is always a good exercise and great challenge for me to write neatly. I immediately wrote the text, so I did not first draw lines and write in pencil.

For the background I used soft pastels and for writing and drawing a Pentel brush and Tombow markers. I made a little mistake writing but I've glossed it over a bit. Nothing is perfect;-).

My favorite part was making the magic bowl. And off course picking the slip of paper.

Day 3: Technology

Really nice way to practice. I am not good in drawing on the clock haha. Meaning I always want to spend móre time on a drawing. But I know, as a graphic recorder, that some times you just do not have the time and you need to draw the essence of what is said, without having time for details. 

I picked the word 'Technology" from the magic bowl and got 6 minutes from the virtual dice (nice tool by the way). I had a million ideas for tehnology and wanted to make a full page, but ended up only with the word and the robot in the 6 minutes. That really made me laugh. And made me determined to practice more on quick, simple drawing (and writing).


Day 4 Beautiful

Hmm, this one was challenging, because I found it hard to pick 8 places where I could draw. I work at home (not many rooms there) or I am at the office of an client. And drawing there is not really an option. Sometime I draw when I am outside, for a walk. But it is now about -5 degrees so I did not felt the urge to go sit on a benche outside.

When I am at home, I always sit at the kitchen table to draw. For some reason I never draw at my desk. My art supplies are also on the kitchen table or nearby. So today I decided to make my sketchbook magic at my desk. I wanted to work with watercolor paint and practicing brush lettering.

I have used a plastic sheet, on which I put some watercolor paint and then transferred it to the paper. After it was dry I drew some text. I made one in my sketchbook. Really like the colours, not so happy with the letters.


And I made one on a piece of A4 paper. I am happy with the lettering on that one. Much better I think.


For some reason I prefer drawing at my kitchen table. I think because I have a lot more space there ;-). But this assigment really reminded me to also draw outdoors. So I am putting a sketchbook back into my handbag, so that have always paper and pen (or brush) with me to draw.

Day 5: #My14DayProject day 1

I drew the number 14. So today I drew the slip of paper with the text 'words that inspire me'. Great, I can practice handlettring some more. I took my new lamy safari fountain pen to make this and a brushpen.

I am happy with the end result. I am self-employed, so these words really resonate with me.


Day 5: #My14DayProject day 2

I am not feeling well today, but I have commited myself to make art for 14 days in a row. So I took a slip of paper form the magic bowl. Lucky for me I took 'popcorn', so I made a small drawing with my lamy safari pen and colored it with some copic markers.

I noticed again for myself that I really love it to make little drawings, miniature drawings almost you could say. I have a thing for miniature ;-). I also have a real miniature sketchbook. Will make something in it, in the coming days.


Day 5: #My14DayProject day 3

I took a slip of paper form the magic bowl and got the word 'night. I knew immediately what I wanted to make but it did not work out to well... The idea was watercolor the nihgt and with salt flakes make a nice pattern. This did not work ;-). The paint was also to dark. Also first time trying to write with a Molotow paint marker. Love this marker and going to practice more with it.


So after this attempt, I tryed something else. Watercoler and a Mototow masking pen. That was fun!


Day 5: #My14DayProject day 4

I took a slip of paper form the magic bowl and got the word 'trees'. That's a good one because I love drawing trees. Did this one with a lamy safari pen. Just for 5-10 minutes drawing.


Day 5: #My14DayProject day 5

I took a slip of paper form the magic bowl and got the word 'circles'. First I made some circles with watercolor. After that I came up with this. Don't ask ;-).



Opes, wrote circles wrong ;-).

Day 5: #My14DayProject day 6

I took a slip of paper form the magic bowl and got the word 'vacations'. I knew immediately what to draw because I recently saw this quote and I loved it. And off course I go camping every summer ;-).


Day 5: #My14DayProject day 7

Total lack of inspiration today. I took a slip of paper form the magic bowl and got the 'draw a song'. I drew 'Lovin' Whiskey' from Rory Block. Love that song!


Day 5: #My14DayProject day 8

Today I decided to draw my little friends. I am (almost) 42 years old, but I still love Winnie and his friends ;-).


Day 5: #My14DayProject day 9

Today again, I did not take a slip of paper of the magic bowl. Because I got an idea for today's drawing when I drove home after working at a clients office. You know when the sun sets and you get that wonderful skyline of dark buildings and houses, while the sun sets behind it? So I got the idea to draw a Dutch skyline and to just just one line drawing it (afterwards I colored it black).


Day 5: #My14DayProject day 10

I took a slip of paper form the magic bowl and got the 'cd-cover'. I drew the cd-cover of the soundtrack from the movie Into the Wild. One of my favorite movies with beautiful music of Eddie Vedder. Discovered today that the ink in my lamy Safari pen isn't waterproof. Gonna replace that because I love to draw with this pen and adding watercolor makes it more playful.

Also figured out, after all these days making art everyday, that I just like to draw from hand. Very occasionally I first create a rough sketch with pencil, but mostly I just draw right away. And I just do not have the patience to be very precise ;-). Maybe this is also because I am a graphic recorder and I am used to draw very quick and simple.


Day 5: #My14DayProject day 11

I took a slip of paper form the magic bowl and got the 'buddhist quote'. Today I made a little drawing using a dip pen and east india ink. After that I colored it with watercolor and also wrote a quote with watercolor. Very simple but I like it.


Day 5: #My14DayProject day 12

Not the best sunday. I had the whole day a headache. So I just drew that. I used watercolor for the background, a Molotow masking pen for the text and copic markers to color the text. 


Day 5: #My14DayProject day 13 / Embrace Your Art Day 1

I have two days left of the My14DayProject and joined the Embrace Your Art Challenge which started to day. Decided to combine these two.

My limitation for the Embrace Your Art Challenge of a miniature sketchbook. I love miniature, so I really wanted to take the opportunity to see if I can draw in this miniature sketchbook. I will go make some handlettering, black and white drawings, watercolor, all kinds of stuff depending on the prompts Ria will give us.


When I read the prompt for today is ROOT, I immediately thought of our mind. So I decided to make a handlettering drawing of a wonderful quote.



Day 5: #My14DayProject day 14 / Embrace Your Art Day 2

The prompt for today is PLACE: Imagine a place where you’ve always felt safe, at ease; a place that has brought you comfort and/or inspired you.

Every Summmer for more then 10 years (this year will be number 11) I go camping in Italy. I go to lake Caldonazzo. It is located in th enorth of Italy,in the Valsugana, not far from the popular lake Garda. It is the largest lake in the Trentino. The camping is at on the lakeshore with a beautiful view on the Dolomites. 

I made a pen and watercolor drawing of my view, when I sit in front of my tent. My tent stands on the edge of the campsite. And while I'm sitting in front of my tent, I look over the hedge, to the mountains. What more do you want?

It always feels like coming home when I get there and I can wait to be there again this summer.


Embrace Your Art Day 3

The prompt for today is MUSIC. I found that one difficult because of the endless possibilities. Not only is it impossible to choose a song ;-), but also lots of choices how to draw music.

Music is what feelings sound like. I found this quote so true! So I decided to draw that.



Embrace Your Art Day 4

The prompt for today is LIGHT. I really struggled with this one. When I read light, I immediately thought of shadow. Tried different kinds of things but it just didn't work tonight. Finally I just made this using a pentel brush, molotow acryl marker and a sharpie silver marker.


Embrace Your Art Day 5

The prompt for today is SHADOW. Today was definitely less of a struggle then yesterday. I think because I just love dark art ;-).


Embrace Your Art Day 6

The prompt for today is COMFORT. What does comfort look to you? I had to think of several things and a lot of them had to do with sound. And besides silence, nothing beats the sounds of nature for calming the mind. Being in nature always feels very comfortably for me. I always feel in my element when I am walking in nature and listen to all the sounds.


Embrace Your Art Day 7

The prompt for today is COMPOSITION. Made a drawing with a unipin pen and colored it with some copic markers. 


Embrace Your Art Day 8

The prompt for today is MEMORY. It's a long story but this red chair stood on the edge of a cliff on La Gomera, in the middle of nowhere. It was a turning point for me and my work/life. The photo of this chair still stands on my shrine. To remind why I chose the path I am currently on.


Embrace Your Art Day 9

The prompt for today is STRUCTURE. I decided to draw some graffiti letters with a structure of bricks....


Embrace Your Art Day 10

The prompt for today is TIME. Made a drawing with a quote of Buddha. First I made a rough sketch, to see if the idea I had would work out. After that, I drew over the sketch with a 0.05 Unipin pen.



Embrace Your Art Day 11

The prompt for today is PERPECTIVE. Feeling sick, but still did the work ;-). Draw some text, upside down and mirror image. Stay weird!


Embrace Your Art Day 12

The prompt for today is SPACE. I am feeling sick and it shows. It's not my best drawing. But hè, I did it anyway ;-).


Embrace Your Art Day 13

The prompt for today is OPEN. "Sketch and share something inspired by a time you opened your heart to someone or something." I knew immediately what to draw. Meet Rocco, the best friend I ever had! Rocco has been my friend for almost 9,5 years. The last 1,5 years of his life he struggled with his health. But he had some superpowers because every single time he got ill, he got back on his feet. Untill he got so sick, I had to put him to sleep. Still makes me cry and I miss him every single day. He was such a cheerful parakeet and he always sat on my shoulder while I was working, watching tv or reading a book.
It is so true: sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.


Embrace Your Art Day 14

The prompt for today is GIFT. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire uniserve, deserve you rlove and affection. Happy Valentine's Day! (PS: my handwriting needs some improvement ;-) ).


Embrace Your Art Day 15

The prompt for today is BALANCE. "To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your Soul grow. So do it!"


Embrace Your Art Day 16

The prompt for today is DEPTH. I really am afraid of heights and when I read 'depth' for todays prompt, I had to think of this joke. Not my joke but it always makes me left. And gives me a reminder that you can always look at things from a different perspective.


Embrace Your Art Day 17

The prompt for today is NURTURE. Grass does not grow faster if you pull it. Same with ideas. Nurture the seeds and the ideas will grow bigger and bigger ;-).


Embrace Your Art Day 18

The prompt for today is PAST. Reflect on the previous season. What have you learned, would you like to leave behind and what would you like to bring foraward with you? That one was easy ;-). This winter I held my first 2 week do-it-your-self-retreat. I have spend the holidays around Christmas and New Year in a small village in Gemrany, surrounded by nature. Alone and in silence. One of my best holidays and really inspiring. I meditated every day and went for long walks in nature. So I want to continue this during the rest of the year. Meditate, walk and spend time in silence to listen to my soul...


Embrace Your Art Day 19

The prompt for today is THEME. My theme is that I need solitude on a regular basis, to hear the whispering of my soul. To come back home, to myself. To take care of myself. And after that, I can deal a lot better with all external circumstances and society. So, the forest, mountains and a lake, river or ocean is a perfect place to find solitude.


Embrace Your Art Day 20

The prompt for today is PRECIOUS. For me one of the most precious things I have is my teddy bear. I got this from my dad when I was born. So this teddy bear is also almost 42 years old. He looks like a teddy bear who has had a lot of hugs ;-). 


Embrace Your Art Day 21

The prompt for today is DREAM. The weirdness in me honors the weirdness in you. Namasté.  I used a masking fluid pen and watercolor in this one.


Embrace Your Art Day 22

The prompt for today is FEAR. The fear of not being good enough. Yes, I am not perfect nor will I ever be. I am a work in progress and that is definitely good enough for me.


Embrace Your Art Day 23

The prompt for today is STRUCTURE. Not much time to draw today, but the Embrace Your Art Challenge of Ria gives me the structure to make art every day. No matter how little ;-).


Embrace Your Art Day 24

The prompt for today is DETAIL. May I live like the lotus at ease in muddy water. 


Embrace Your Art Day 25

The prompt for today is SAVE. Feeling save is like feeling at home, no matter where or with whom you are.


Embrace Your Art Day 26

The prompt for today is MAGIC. Magis is hard work and just keeping showin up, every single day. I was staying at friends, but still made some time to draw ;-).


Embrace Your Art Day 27

The prompt for today is GROWTH. Growth is every day a new leave... euh drawing ;-).


Embrace Your Art Day 28

The prompt for today is BLISS. The last three days I used my new Lamy Safari with turquoise ink. Very happy with it. Love this color.


Embrace Your Art Day 29

The prompt for today is LEAP. What a wonderful journey this #febsketch. Sad it ends today, but I will continu making art in my little sketchbook. Thank you @RiaSharon for this workshop/challenge.

I have put all the art of #febketch on a special pinterest board: https://nl.pinterest.com/ylechien/my-little-sketchbook/.



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