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Ember (rough draft)


 In a medieval world, a less than evil man meets his death while failing to save a loved one. Only to be granted life again through the compassion of a vengeful dragon.

A medieval man learns that revenge is best served on the back of a pissed-off dragon.

Revenge, like an ember, burns for an enternity driven by the rage and hatered of the soul.. Leaving it a tattered and frail essence even when the price has been paid, wether the cost be death or a far more worse fate.

9/28/14 I wanted to show some work , its ruff and very incomplete, but i am starting to get my story to paper.


I need feedback on rather i should use a flashback or a prelude to explain what the dragons motives are.

ANY feedback is welcome, even if it's just to tell me i suck , im good with it pretty damn near any feedback.


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