Embellishment Update

Embellishment Update

Here are a few more watercolours and also some with some glitter embellishments.

I've really enjoyed this project. Its the first time I've drawn figures really and like this. I really do need more practice with faces and poses, but I think its a good beginning.  I've really really enjoyed it and will definitely practice more.

************** Watercolour ******************

So I have managed to watercolour one of my sketches so far. More to follow. Hopefully with each preactice I will get better.

********* Sketches ******************

Here are my sketching efforts. Some are much better than others in my opinion. Any tips and advice regarding hands and feet in the drawing would be greatly appreciated as I really stuggled with this. I don't draw figures very often so this has been a really fun project for me to try.



This is the first time that I have sought out images for a mood board. I really enjoyed it and it has also highlighted to me just how all over the place I am in terms of what I like! I have chosen mainly black and red pieces. I love the brightness of the red next to the black.



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