Embellished/Final -Spring Is Coming!

Ok here is the last one.  I think I found this dress on someones inspiration board.  Its so pretty.  I raided my daughter's craft stash and found some glitter glue but its not that great either. There is a bit of glitter on the ribbons though!

Oh no I have chunky glitter!  I couldn't find anything smaller at my local store and no sequins either so oh well lesson learned!

Because of the glitter accident I decided not to embellish this second watercolor I finished until I purchase some finer sparklies! There is still glitter on my scanner!

One more just for fun!

Here is my watercolor. Its just a bit lighter than the original my new scanner isn't my favorite!  You can see where I got distracted a bit and the paint dried lol! Its really hard for me not to outline everything in black ink that is my usual style.  So I'm not sure how to make the girls pop more. I'd like to go a bit  darker with the chairs but don't want them competing with the girls. This is the first time I have never put features on the faces. I kinda like it.

I want to creat a fun spring inspired sketch.   I love the the tea time pose! The top sketch is my latest sketch and I like it the most.  It needs a couple of fixes but I think I'm going to transfer this one to watercolor! Yay!

This is my first quick sketch.

Quick Sketch 2.  I just bought a new mechanical pencil and I'm playing with it a bit. I have to change the lead soon this is way too dark for me! I'm not light handed at all.


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