Embellished Unexpected

I love surprises. I love simplicity, elegance with a little buzz, a refreshing unexpected.

This is what I saw in Katie's illustrations, so first of all, a huge thank you for this class!

I love to draw, I'm obsessed with details of faces, eyes, make-up, expression, these inspire me most of the time. But I'm here because I want to learn to change perspective, to focus on the dress.

I don't know exactly how my illustration will turn out, because I am a beginner, and kind of a 'figure it out as we go" type of person. But I do know that I love vibrant colors, contrasts and I like geometric forms as well.

For now, here are some photos which I like very much, and hopefully, you too can find some inspiration in them.

Oh and by the way, I'm Dorina, from Hungary :)

Thank you for reading!


I'm a little late, but I've made the finishing touches on my illustrations! This was such an amazing class, thank you Katie!


New sketches and watercolour applied


First sketches! :)


I narrowed down my moodboard to a few images that might be a reference to my illustration.


Inspirational photos for my project.

P.S I adore Juliette Binoche, beautiful, beautiful face!

P.P.S Thank you for your likes and lovely comments! If you're interested in my blog, you can find it here: http://designcolors.wordpress.com I started it yesterday!



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