Embellished : : Modern Androgyny

Though i am eclectic and love fantasy when it comes to fashion (especially Tim Walker) after seeing all the Fall 2013 collections during fashion month, androgyny is my fashion trend for the moment. 

Interested in the play on androgyny in fashion history and culture and how it plays respectively of the 'quintessentially feminine'.

Now, elements of androgynous fashion feature on 'ultra feminine' fashion. Not so much about wearing suits and bow ties. Androgyny in fashion is a statement.

Sexuality. Style. Social attitude. Power-dressing. Trend. These are [some of] the elements of my idea of modern androgyny.  

Gucci's Fall 2013 RTW, described as "sexy" and despite being quite feminine. Androgyny, sexuality and femininity, to an extent, plays very heavy in this collection. More suprising about this collection on the catwalk, is the element of shock it still created in the modern day. There was a clear balance between the daring and the more conservative.

Structure and shape is a major inspiration of mine, something the Gucci collection certain had. 

Gucci: Fall 2013 RTW

Lanvin: Fall 2013 RTW

Chanel: Fall 2013 RTW 

Looking back at the Chanel Spring 2013 couture collection piece (below) I think this is an example of how i view feminine androgyny

The Balmain 2012 Fall collection also showed a realxed androgynous look (below)

Prada: Spring 2013 RTW - The perfect mix of androgyny and femininity 

Yohji Yamamoto Fall 2013 

Creatures of the Wild: Fall 2013 RTW


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