Embellished :For the love of Black, with a touch of Bold.

and it's done! I adore the final result!! Thanks everyone for the sweet comments.  I think I've become a watercolor lover for life.

WeSooo this is the first time I've used watercolors since kindergarden or first grade... Believe me it's been decades!! I'm in love!! All feedback is greatly appreciated! The last one is still a work in progress.

Next comes glitter!

Here are my sketches. I haven't sketched in forever, forgot how much I missed it! Please feel free to leave any comments and suggestions.  Right now they are in cold press watercolor paper, but will be redoing them on hot press as soon as it arrives!! Can't wait!!!!!

Hi I'm Jules, and I must confess, I'm perpetually attracted to all things black.

Flowy, sparkly, with some texture.

But once in a while, COLOR  takes my breath away.


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