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Embarking on my Surface Pattern Design mission ;)

I've been working in this class for months, and I'm finally getting to share a finalized design!

I started with doodling a TON of motifs, and also going through old notebooks to pull doodles from there. I ended up tracing them with tracing paper so that I could scan them in all at once. I actually ended up "wimping out" a little bit and working with only 4 designs to start with; I really love simplicity with design and thought the motifs I ended up choosing didn't really "flow" well enough to work with too many together.


I had a SUPER hard time with color and got totally hung up on this step. I LOVED playing with color palettes, but just felt like my designs were very "flat" and I couldn't fall in love with adding texture the way the class taught (I'll have to play with that more next time around). SO I decided to make up my own watercolored palette and colored my motifs with a scanned version of my favorite.


The resulting motifs that I ended up using looked like this:


I took AGES of (way super fun, mostly) time getting them into a pattern. Having this colorization definitely slowed down my computer (and wouldn't work hardly at all on my Macbook), but I really ended up loving it and was glad to find an alternative until I can learn a little more about color! I DID wonder, though, if it had been a job I was doing for a client, if they would be able to open the file since it was super complicated/large.


And here is the final result!



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