Embark - student project

Well 3D isn't really my bag of tricks, but typography for me is fun and I love angular Typography so I tried to make it a little 3D.

So here's the typography I mapped out in Hexels: 

Embark - image 1 - student project

I chose the text to go along with the tree branch image, playing off the word bark.

Embark - image 2 - student project

This feels like a good stopping point, I'm a little at a loss to make Embark look more integrated into the piece and texturize it to where it doesn't feel obtrusive. 

Working on curved shadows is a little bit of a pain as well seeing how the branch is curved which probably means light affects it differently than a standard ground shadow. Also I'm not sure if the shadow would reach the leaves below. Probably not? But again I'm not too heavy handed in 3D or regular illustration in general. 

Love to hear feedback and what I can do to make this more engaging. 


So after some critiques I tried to encorperate a layer mask of the original photo ontop of Embark lettering and play with the blue. 

Embark - image 3 - student project

I was also thinking about exploring an option like this: 

Embark - image 4 - student project

But I haven't quite worked out the legability yet.