Email Management

Managing my email has always been one of those things I've struggled with! With a corporate email for my job, a professional email for freelancing, and a personal email, it's gotten to be very overwhelming at times.


Recently, I took a step back and realized I didn't need all of the notifications -- so I turned off all push notifications for every email account. Just this simple change helped SO MUCH. I've also taken to only checking email at particular times of day -- for my personal and freelance emails, I check them once on my lunch break and once when I get home from work.

For my professional email, I do have to check it more frequently just due to the nature of my job. For the most part I find myself spending 10 minutes in the AM (after I finish my main tasks) filtering through the messages to determine what actually needs a response. Then I'll go through it like a to-do list. I'll go through this same process again later in the morning, again after lunch, and again right before I leave for work. 


I am excited to implement this idea of "other inboxes" into my management, though! I'm already an avid user of 'rules' in all of my emails, but having these folders/labels s easily accessible with exactly what I need in them will make such a huge change in my routine. 


I do have to say that I am absolutely one of those "Inbox Zero" die-hards. No shame. But I do use tools like rules and Boomerang for Gmail to get me there and save me time. There's just something so refreshing about ending my day with a clear inbox so I can start tomorrow with a clean slate, so to speak. 

Brittany Lee
Professional Polymath