Email Habits

Email Habits - student project

A lot of the issues that this class focuses on don't really apply to me. I am a student, and don't currently have a full-time job (and thus a full inbox). Similarly, my "side hustle" for lack of a better term, doesn't generate enough interest/attention to feel that I can't handle my inbox without the use of secondary plug-ins or tools. 

Right now the main thing I need to do is a simple purge. As a student, I just haven't prioritized keeping on top of my mail. So there's a backlog of stuff that's only relevant to me. Through that process, I can also re-evaluate many of the email lists and stores I get things from and unsubscribe from things to cut down my daily feed. 

Mostly, I hold on to things too long. So I need to be a little better about immediately deciding what to do with an email, and having a place for it if I decide to keep it, rather than leave it floating in the inbox.

I signed up for ConvertKit for my animation website, and know that I will need to update my inboxes when I start focusing more on outreach to potential readers. 

Jen Hurler
Animation Nerd