Elyscia - Character Study

Elyscia - Character Study  - student project

Name: Elysia Penumbra 

Description: Long ginger curly hair, light pale skin with freckles on her cheeks, 5ft6, olive green eyes, hourglass shaped body, athletic (good at climbing/walking), average weight. 

Personality: Practising astronomer, bookworm, strong, passionate, good listener, prefers solitude, introverted, curious, intuitive, caring, brave, slightly opinionated, underlining born-leader when pushed.

Habits/Mannerisms: Keep's telescope in her pocket - clicks open and shut whenever nervous or scared. Reads a story to her sister every night before bed. Grabs her hair and pulls it to one side when trying to think and takes a deep breath through her nose. 

Background: Protective/Close to her Uncle Nick and her sister Emmeline, after the death of her parents. Has a fear of the sea because of this past event. Spent many days reading in the library, watching the stars and tracking the constellations to deal with this.

Flaws: Can be reserved/keep feelings inside, sometimes cannot articulate what she wants to say - so she can sometimes speak without thinking, little sarcastic. 

Internal conflict: Struggles with PTSD from parents accident. Fears death/the sea. Scared of losing everyone she loves around her. Fears she will not go to college to learn astronomy like her father. Finds out more than she bargained for about her ancestry, does not know how to deal with this. 

External conflict: Falling stars, poisonous fogs, a boy tries to shake the gods and bring back the dead.