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Ely Bookplate


This is my first skillshare project that i've completed and i found it really enjoyable. A bookplate was something i hadn't design for before. This why i signed up to skillshare. Get more creative and improve my skill sets that i don't normally get a chance to do in my day job. It certainly done that with this project.


Researched on styling on bookplates.

I started the design concept of where i live. Living in the flattest part of the UK - East Anglia. Then, thinking of the surrounding area with all it's history and farmland.
Started to look at ploughing field ideas and decided to go with the most iconic image of the area.

Ely Cathedral 'The ship of the Fens'.

East anglia is famous for big open skys, so i knew i wanted a curve in the design.


Ideas of farming


Liked how this was looking with the farming plough lines, even the wording giving the idea of history under the ground. Which is the case as they are always digging up some sort of artifact. Did look at making the stamp church window shape, but then decided to go more rounded and more pleasing to the eye. (Open, big)

Then worked on it in illustrator, adding the wording.


and finally the finished plate.


Thanks for a great skillshare

I got a great deal out of it,creative wise and a different way of working within PS.

Got me inspired again. Thank you!


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