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Ben Weeks

illustrator, husband, dad, advisor, jesus follower




Tablet Layout

This is the tablet layout. Instead of a music play bar, I wireframed in videos on this version. They fit better into the units and were more complex to build, so it helps muscle memory. The album itself doesn't have videos yet, but it might be nice to make a few short 2 min videos for the final site. I also added two extra people to fill out the grid. Perhaps that could be the printer, funding partner or designer. Maybe even "you" the listener since you make the final interpretation of the work in your mind. 

Responsive website for an album.

Content Rough Outline:


Release Date

Imagery: Cover, Back texture, Elwood photo

Overview: Summary of project

-reviews / emails to elwood

-credit details (producer, mix, engineer, writers.)

-social sharing

-footer & contact 


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