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Ellie's clippings etc

Taking this vid one bit at a time, so here is a reflection. I am so dumb sometimes that I miss a crucial point in the vid and have to go back! Anyway, on the plus side, I have worked out how to indent a square so I added one behind :)


And now for the heart exercise. My heart wasn't that good a shape (about which I am heartbroken haha) so I cropped most of it out in the clipping mask - but when moving the text around, I just loved the interim blue shape that appearaed, so I made a black layer and a duplicate blue layer and moved it sideways a bit. The blend modes didn't work very well for this idea so I left them Normal. What fun! I might even remember how to do clipping masks - in PS, it is just so easy. But on the plus side, aren't AI files so titchy!!


For the cloud clipping I've used my own photo of Amble at dawn - not exactly the tropics up here in north Northumberland, UK! But I enjoyed this exercise too.


And then I saw Caroll's nice dark blue background - so I pinched the idea. I've told her :) Fading to white seemed to go off the page. I prefer it this way!


Probably my least successful portion of this vid here but still learning. It sure is taxing my brain when things in CS5 don't appear or do like in your version. I couldn't, for instance, get how you drew a shape when placing the image which magically went in it! So I just readjusted mine to fit the dokkerment. I did it with your materials first and then tried with my thinking gipicture and wanted to show an old person in the thought bubble - I think squeezing the jpg into the bubble lost so many pixels (an ink sketch mostly) that it isn't legible. But at least I transferred the process to my own idea, which helps me learn! Thanks for another informative class, Helen. 




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