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EllieP's vintage stuff

Couldn't cut out (pun intended!) enough time to finish this till today, and then I've done a pastel painting of it as well! No sellotape on that one though. And I've used the cut-out idea with tape on another illustration I'm working on for something else entirely. Lovely class and lovely ideas! Thanks, Helen. ps I used some textures I had of pieces of sellotape instead of making them from scratch as I already know how to do that and time was short.


And my pastel painting, in case you are interested :)


And then I did another!! Grabbed the squirrel from vintageprintables, had the leaves in my files anyway, but found the acorn free elsewhere. As the acorn was separate, I duplicated the squirrel's left hand on top of the acorn layer to put the acorns inside. Well, I like it anyway!! The technique has given me loads of ideas for birthday cards :)



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