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EllieP's tissue paper disaster!

This was too hard really. BUT - on the plus side, I did manage to find a layer that was apparently awol when I deleted the original image, and Icopied it back from the hidden duplicate layer! AND I managed to isolate a shape even after I'd had put the texture on, and add a point with the pen tool and make the shape better. So obviously I'm learning gradually.

What went wrong was the brush because mine doesn't make nice marks (I struggled to know how it should look as a brush when manoevring the duplicate over the original) and I simply couldn't manage the final ten minutes of brown amalgamations and backgrounds and white edges, so I ditched that aspect till later in my journey.

I find the Illustrator layer system really hard after the intuitive one in Photoshop. The thumbnails are really tiny and the logic escapes me. Still, we have one pear and one leaf here and I will try with some other image one day. (Just as well we can keep the vids to view again. Restarting them is hard, though, because the system wants to keep telling me that I have finished that vid and moves on!)

Many thanks again for an excellent creative idea to learn from. I do enjoy all of your vids.


And now I have made a box of faux tissues! It just helped to revise how to do it without looking at the vid again. It seems I forgot the little non-stuck/scrumpled bits, but I did add some sellotape to make it a cut-out collage too (in PS, of course).



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