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EllieP's sea pic

I have learnt so much in this class already: better ways of doing things than struggling with the type tool as I have for years. So I used my own photo of the Blue Grotto cliffs in Malta and added a quote I found online.

One thing, though. CS5 doesn't have Window: Glyph. I googled and found it is indeed missing. So I loaded up a Bean document and typed the alphabet in Nymphette and then worked out I needed to type a D for the shape I wanted!

Instead of fading such a gorgeous photo, I duplicated all the type lines to make them whiter. But maybe I should also have made the type larger? Perhaps tomorrow I will LOL but tonight I'm tired.

Anyway, Helen, thank you so much for your generous sharing of skill and your clear teaching.


I understood the last video about superimposing text on a faded background - but chose a bad photo to try it out on! This unicorn looks so much more stunning at 100% so I only lowered it a bit and chose a more moonlit tone for the inner glow. But never mind the result, I learnt so much by imbibing the kind of keypresses and choices that can be made. Hope you like it! Again it's my own picture. I put a napkin texture on the white just for fun. Oh and a drop shadow. I really don't know when to stop unless it's official work :)



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