EllieP's mess!

I've struggled more with this task than any other. In the end I thought I'd add a puzzled man I drew, which just about sums this up!

One thing that was puzzling was that I downloaded a different photo and when making it pixellated, some sqaures were half opaque. Then there was the business of the marquee not agreeing to click and be 94x94 (thanks, Helen, for suggesting a different way of doing it) and then the white grid didn't exactly go over the mosaic edges so I had to do that one again. I couldn't follow the brush adjustments one by one because I am away from home on my tiny laptop - will need to do that n a huge screen.

All in all, I need a coffee now :) But I learnt some skills - which is what it's all about. So onwards and upwards. Thanks, Helen.




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