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EllieP's jungle ugliness

Making the patterns was hard work - the zebra conpletely failed to look zebra-ish after two attempts so i went and downloaded one - which I have to say is pathetically poor compared to yours, Helen! I found also that my original dots were too large and the leopard stuff became regimented. The 'tiles' worked better but the top two patterns have evidence of lines across them - the tiles because the line simply wouldn't shift exactly to the top of the frame. Probably CS5 shenannigans again :(

Anyway I chose lions to finish it off and I did understand and can remember well the method of doing all of these skills. So I am still learning even if I am pretty dissatisfied with this outcome. I did enjoy exercising my brain haha!


And then I exercised my brain a little bit more abd finished it off in Photoshop! I can live with this version slightly better :)


I've now done this one all by myself without going wrong - but using patterns already there in CS5!! I think I could use this system to make birthday cards :) This is for my graddaughter:


Two more birthday cards. My dad is 98 next week and likes watching the birds and foxes in his garden by the almond tree. My grandson is into Marvel comics and lego!




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