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EllieP's aviary

I could remember all the steps after watching it through while drinking coffee! BUT, the file didn't arrive with a background layer, and clipping masks were already there (for the cut-out version) and groups were ready made. Weird.

I couldn't make one of the two brush elements work second time although it had first time (I didn't carry it across because I knew I needed to practise making them) so I used just the one when doing the moon bird - and then it wouldn't agree to stretch nicely however far I stretched it. Also on both, making the pattern/brush/whatever, I simply couldn't delete the surrounding line like you did, so I grabbed the 'pen delete anchor' tool and did them one at a time. A bit last-century, but it worked :)

So some hassle en route but I finished the project. Sort of!!

This is the cut-out which didn't need me to clip for some reason. The background colour is foul, I know :) and I hadn't got round to eyeballs at that point.


And this is the next one, which would look better if the pattern had worked better for me. It's a freak of nature.


Another good class. Surprised there aren't more projects here.


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