EllieP's HUD ring

EllieP's HUD ring - student project

Well, despite commenting to Helen that my strip wouldn't actually flip in CS5 (despite me flipping it!) I continued with the process and am pretty pleased with this result. It looks like old-fashioned silk screen! Yes, the rings are identical, but apart from knowing how to blend textures in, much of the little manipulations such as copying shapes across the page and using the polar filter etc were new to me. 

I'm delighted with this whole series for filling in gaps in my knowledge and am awaiting more! Thanks, Helen. You're a good teacher.

EllieP's HUD ring - image 1 - student project

I did another one today. Added one of my own textures from some finger painting. But I also invented some of my own rings - specifically the two different sides of some very thick corrugated card. So it's no longer techno but still has some charm!

EllieP's HUD ring - image 2 - student project

I got a bit hooked on this so here are two more! I loved distorting the basket-y one from my own shot of the edge of some corrigated card.

EllieP's HUD ring - image 3 - student project

EllieP's HUD ring - image 4 - student project