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EllieP's 1st illustrator effort

Well well well - look what I did! Sorry! Everyone else will be so skilled, but me, I've just started with AI and feel an enormous sense of pride in making two brushes, some stems and some leaves - not that I have the foggiest idea what a vine should look like haha. Thanks, Helen. There will be no stopping me now. On to the next part of this vid...


And now after much sweat and tears (well, not the tears but I definitely lost a brain cell or two en route!) I have managed a flower group of sorts. Can't do anything more sophisticated yet as I am still trying to memorise what the menu items do and understand them. Photoshop is so much easier haha. Not. Just that I am more familiar with it maybe. Anyway, I give you one bunch of mediocre flowers - but I like the colours a lot :) I just used last times vine brush to add a bit of grass as I haven't watched the next vid yet.


Still haven't watched the next video section because I need to consolidate and see if I can use some of the things myself ie remember how! So here is a vase of flowers. Wouldn't win any prizes but is very satisfying :)


And finally, not very cleverly done, but at least it could be used for a bookmark or something! Finished this vid series now and must continue to practice while moving on to another PS or AI one of yours. You haven't seen the end of me, Helen!



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