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EllieP wobbles her stripes

I got over the restriction of only one stroke allowed on CS5 by making an identical pattern layer, moving it across the canvas and stroking it differently, and then added a dark red background. Just a pity the original pen lines were less than beautiful! But at least they joined up :D And at least it didn't frazzle my brain.


The second one taxed me more because I was adding 200 to the wrong figure despite writing down the correct one to do it with!! How mad can I get? Anyway, tis done now. 


Not sure what I will use it for but it will percolate and come into its own one day I expect. Patterning a skirt in a children's image comes to mind!

Thanks again for a great class. I see I am first again. What does that say about me??

I've worked out you can duplicate the layer several time underneath the first one and just shunt it right, then the next layer down shunt left etc - until you have exactly one new stroke each side of the original stroked stripe. Looks good?


And now, because I have a moment, I experimented with turn a duplicate cloud layer round 90 degrees and making the top layer a difference blend. And I love the result. I think I'd better get my coat... ;)



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