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EllieP whipped up a kitchen

I have done straighter lines in my time :) And, erm, chosen better colour schemes!

I've drawn out another picture to try on - just to remember the skills by myself.

Another good class, thanks, Helen.


And scranbled eggs too! I've got to the stage when if I use the direct select to move a point I lose the colour or the line width or even the whole thing etc! So I've stopped right here. Lots of tatty bits left, therefore, and tags of lines not coloured at all, but I remembered how to do it. Um, I think :)


Hi Helen

I did a cityscape after revising this video. What I would like to do now is change all these black solid lines to a scribble one like we invented once in one of your classes. I still have my scribble line, only I don't know if it's possible to change them in this particular image, or where we did it to go revise! Would the infill stay there? And what do I Select to just get the lines if it's indeed possible? I just want to do away with the stained glass window-like lead lines!!


Watching again I actually learned (this time) how to add to swatches and how to use the three little icons to quickly move around the colours - so thanks again. I just wish I had more time. I have been assembling a portfolio of editorial illustration samples and contacting art directors - as well as my normal work!


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