EllieP spirals out of control

I was flying along - and thankful the whole course was short as time is too! - when I came to an abrupt halt on the last vid. Here are the first two:



When I did the last one, it seemed to work, with the exception that my design was rubbish, so I thought I'd get a gold star by doing it again - and again - and again, because none of the following 5 attempts (with different pencil lines each time) would work properly. Every time I put in the gradient it converted to putting it on the fill layer (which was turned off) and blocking in the design. I've stopped!

What should be ticked on the Expand option, by the way? It comes up differently each time anyway. I couldn't see what you ticked OK for. Anyway, here is the first one and even that seemed wrong. I guess that one filled instead of just lines anyway. Help?


OK, thanks for the update vid and here are the final two spirals: multiply on white and screen on black.



The result reminds me very much of Flame Painter app!


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