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EllieP smells the roses

Thanks, Helen, for telling me the black has to be CMYK so the dots don't show through. I remember now from another class where you said that, so maybe that fact will sink in now!

I wasn't keen on the stark black of my houndstooth, so after making three bizarre roses I went back in and added a layer above the pattern and blended it in and lowered its opacity till I was happier. Not a work of art on the colour scheme really haha, but I was learning techniques, not designing a masterpiece. I'm not called Sookie Sachs!! My rose didn't have much variation even after fiddling with levels in PS, so it only has a few colour levels so in turn I only masked two of them. And another thing, on the trace presets one of the options didn't exist on mine so obviously I couldn't move the slider to the right :) Maybe that would have made a difference. Who knows?



And v2:


I think my pattern has the odd line through it as the stupid shape will not move by just one pixel sometimes even though I put right the setting in Preferences. Plus the guides said it was okay. Anyway, I did it! Another good class.


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