EllieP sails under cloud plates

I thought this look was fabulous and really wanted to not only do it like you did it but adapt it for lots of other things like other people have here. But I have waded to the end with CS5 and am exhausted for now. So I've simply made it into a birthday card for my better half who's just gone to teach sailing for two weeks. Let's hope I can remember how to do it for next time I try!

The stroke+gradient system doesn't work for CS5 either, as well as CS4 and earlier that you mentioned, so I followed your instructions for earlier versions but made one large circle for the cloud to start with (gradiented and shadowed and outlined) and then copied it all and adjusted the size to make more circles - rather than draw the circles and have to do each one separately. 

I found it very hard indeed to make the outline take a gradient - and then when I saved it to the graphic styles, it seemed to have done so, but later I found it hadn't saved properly when I wanted to use it for the boat. So in the end I dumped the outline idea which is why it doesn't look quite right.

The other odd thing was breaking up the two lines of waves. This worked fine and I stuck the boat between them. But when I did the crop it stuck the boat at the back - without anyone moving the boat in the layers list! So this is a screengrab from when it looked right.

Which is a longwinded way of saying it was flipping hard but I did it and when I recover I will try it with some flowers and birds or something! At least they won't look like dinner plates!

Is it possible to do it in another colour instead of grey shading? ie change the gradient colour on different flowers for instance?


I tried some flowers and added a background in ClipStudioPaint and PS (fence and trees respectively) - but they will be better when I've tried it your way, Helen, with a plain colour and a mono gradient blended in. I had started these before I saw your answer! At least the grass curled off the paper properly :)


We might be going from bad to worse -the only thing that is improving is my ability to make CS5 do this!



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