EllieP now has a bird cage! | Skillshare Projects



EllieP now has a bird cage!

Yes, I know my rust texture didn't work as well as yours, so what? It's now a concrete cage made of rough rock!! And the bird looked better the other way round so I did that and added a black pupil to his eye too. Oh, and a beak. A bird isn't a bird wivvout a beak :)

Loved th class - can see lots of potential in the blend and the repeat tools, if I can remember how to use them when the time come haha.

I couldn't move my bird texture far enough - maybe the pieceI cut wasn't big enough - so I left a line at his beak and another at his tail end, as that doesn't then look too bad.

You do some fab projects to help me learn. I'm desperate to do the giraffe but have read I can't in CS5 so will search out another than seems within reach. Maybe that new blue bird one? Or the kitchen or the tv. Do you reckon they are suitable for my so-far meagre skills?



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