EllieP makes some gems

EllieP makes some gems - student project

I've done the other classes and will now upload some work towards the projects. Here is the start of the gems. This is the first time wc has really grabbed me, because I can see the textures and patterns will be so useful in the other things I do - when I'm good enough. I did the stripes and white stuff on various scraps of wc paper, so will not upload those. And I will need to take a deep breath before starting a diamond ring :) Thanks, Ana, for the inspiration.

EllieP makes some gems - image 1 - student project

I have now done a ruby! Well, sort of. I think you make it look dead easy, Ana! But when I mix paints they go a bit muddy. Anyhow, I did it :) On seeing the photo here, I think no splatter or more splatter would have been better than this tiny amount!

EllieP makes some gems - image 2 - student project

Here is my gem ring - but I may fiddle with it a bit more soon. The darks need to be darker on the ring and the edge of the gem maybe darker to show where it is set in - but the source photo was a bit like this anyway! I tried to get really light transparent greens on my first layer, like you advised, Ana, but may not have succeeded. Funny how I spend ages trying to get good landscape greens for other work and then want emerald ones for this!

EllieP makes some gems - image 3 - student project

I took my courage in both hands this morning and went in darker. Not sure it's better though!

EllieP makes some gems - image 4 - student project