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EllieP is over the VW moon

You can't imagine how happy I am to have made this brush! My real-life style of drawing and sketching is scribbly deliberately. Scribbling direct in PS with a pencil doesn't have the same effect but this brush here could well be useful to me. I will make a few different scribbly brushes and experiment. The class was worth it for this alone, but I did enjoy making the whole car too! Especially learning another tool - the smooth line one.

One point - my car pieces never became a group - I didn't hear you say to do so, and I think this happened once before. So I presume that's CS5 not acting like CC? Anyway, I gathered all the paths up (thumbnails 50px!!) both times I needed to and moved or locked them en bloc, and it worked fine. Onwards and upwards :)


This is what I mean by scribbly on paper. I hope I could use scribbly brush in Illustrator to make something as free and easy. Hopefully! It would be a different style but at least look less Illustratorish!


And now for my juggler. He was maybe better without the background, ie just on white?



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