EllieP goes scatterbrained

This wouldn't have taken so long since my last upload only I was doing a project and decided to use my newfound Illustrator confidence to do some bits of it, which consolidates and proves I'm making progress. So here now are my scatter brushes.

I did this first while making the flowers and some variations - just because I could:


And then I did the brushes and arranged the flowers (in as far as anyone can arrange them! Reminds me of Brusho pigment powder, which is untamable) in a 'punnet'.


PS - can you tell me (while you're here!) two things please?

1 how can I nudge something into position a fraction at a time - it seems to leap just before and just after, which makes life hard. Should I be holding down another key or something?

2 I warped a music stave (don't ask!) for the project I was doing - but when I tried to copy it to the next document it went straight again :( PLUS when I tried to make an ellipse on the same original layer of the original document, that too went warped! So I had to start another layer. Is this CS5 or normal?

Thank you for all your help - this was yet another skill and another tool to learn more about :)


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