EllieP drew someone else!

OMG it would be impossible to do a portrait of me. So I worked following the vid except I added a few bits. I'm just about getting the hang of how to make the pen tool go where I want, although it's not perfect yet and probably won't be for a while. If I went back and did the tunic again, it would be better, I think. So that's progress. I kind of ran out of time just now so stuck a frame round her. She looked very cross to start with: 


...and I couldn't make the reflected/joined lip halves alter, at the bottom so I added a red oval to extend them down from this (note she has ears at this point!) And added an indication of lip divider.

So this is the result:


This class taught me a lot about the pen and some more about building pictures in pieces - and I'm starting to think about shapes not art, as in: add and subtract shapes to get what you want, which is rather different from Photoshop :)

Thanks again, Helen. Now to do the three you suggested but I'd suddenly thought 'I need pen practice' and did this one.


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