EllieP blends in

EllieP blends in - student project

This wasn't quite what was asked for, I think. But I wanted to use my own stuff and I do know how to merge photos and add to the backgrounds, so I simply merged my sketch of Steven Isserlis (the cellist) into a rather bad watercolour of a city where (in my imagination!) he is going to play!!

What I learnt here was not the main thing you intended, but how to add a second image to the same canvas and how to enlarge the canvas without going to canvas sizing (ie pulling out the crop frame). I think you've told us this before but it went in this time and I can now use it.

Here, it might look as if some edging of the inset is showing but actually it's the odd bits on the background. Funnily enough, I think it actually looks better as a crop, as in the cover image here. Oh, never mind. Onwards and upwards...

EllieP blends in - image 1 - student project