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Ellie the Imp - Etsy shop

Hey friends, 

Ellie here, I am an artist/designer/crafter located in North Hollywood, CA.  I work in the art department of film and television for my day job, but my dream is to make art my one and only (job) some day. 

I do all sorts of art, from abstract paintings to pop culture prints, even sculptures and children's toys.  I'm looking forward to opening up my Etsy shop to showcase some of my work to more people.  

My best friend Caroline and I started our small design company back in April 2013 called Carelly Design.  We both have similar dreams and goals to make Carelly Design a successful company - but we are a bit lost!  We have so many different pieces of art we like to make and a large skillset, it's hard to find a focus.  We had our most recent artwork photographed by our friend who is an amazing professional photographer, set up a website and started blogging about our adventures.  We even started an etsy shop, but got sidtracked by paperwork and setting up a partnership and joint bankaccount that it hasn't come into fuition yet.  you can check out what we have currently at:


Then one magical day, I saw this class online and thought, "now THATS a class i need to take".  I figured I can learn a great deal here, and open up a personal shop for myself and take what I learn to help out Carelly Design's shop once we get our paperwork stuff figured out.

I've started doing the market research in the first part of the lessons, and have started trying to focus what my shop is all about.  

I was raised by a kindergarten teacher, and art education has always been a very important thing in my life.  I find a lot of my personal work has a whimsical child-like quality to it, so that's what I'm going to focus on.

I'll be updating soon with my progress in setting up ellietheimp!

much love, 



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