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Ellegria Syrups

Ellegria Syrups is a business that has been born from many years of working behind (and sitting at) cocktail bars. 

The project focuses on handmade, small-batch syrups for use in cocktails, mostly coming from my interpretations of vintage recipes but with consideration of the modern cocktail drinker's palate. 

I want this combination of modernity and history to come through in the mood of the logo and label. It should feel classic and elegant but also retain an element of fun (Ellegria means 'Joy' in Italian). Nothing too serious, we're talking about booze after all! I'm uncertain about production techniques as yet but I think the label is going to need to be quite monotonal as it needs to work with different shades of syrups in clear glass, I guess that's something to consider as I go along...


Some more bits to add to the visuals...


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