ElleP is quatrefoilingly entranced

I've started! Just to say thanks for bothering to make CS5 extras for backward people like me. Couldn't resist starting, after drinking coffee (it's till not quite 7am!) and locked the pixels and used a brush to scribble across the pink. More later.  I won't add the head pic here as it would be a repeat and it's only a sample en route.

ps I have never found a way to exit Select mode (top icon) without pressing B for brush. Enter, exit, dbl click etc - nothing else works. How is it meant to be done??

PS LATER - there is no option to scale it down as you suggest at 4.04 mins on your first extra vid:


This is what my screen shows:



Actually these are lookalikes not done properly because I can't find the Fill either, so I'll move on for now and come back in due course :)


OK so this one is done properly - I don't know what I've done different but the choices of scale (thanks!) and fill are there. I'll try to continue with the next one!


And today I have made the other two patterns:


I found out that when you say Edit Free Transofrm, there are two and I chose the wrong one - needed Free Transform Path (which is what I must usually get when pressing cmdT actually.

Also, when I selected the two top circles (yours were blue) to delete, it left the triangle shape the wrong way round at the side it was! Anyway it was easy enough to duplicate and shunt both to their correct places. 

Glad I finished :) Thanks for your help, Helen. I would like to do something clever with this pattern like others do but I think I am done in!


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